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What is Seeking Indigo?

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si store Seeking Indigo is a holistic Wellness Center that offers healing spa treatments from all corners of the world. Behind the massive teak doors lies a zen paradise unlike any other Charleston Day Spa. Choose from Qi Gong massage, Japanese facelift massage, Ayurvedic treatments from India and much much more. These World Spa treatments are designed to relax, rejuvenate and assist the body with it's own healing process. Wellness is what we make it. Start taking care of yourself by refreshing your body, mind, and soul in this unique Charleston Day Spa.

Our Charleston Wellness Center and Charleston Day Spa is the key to transforming the way you look, move, think and feel.  Improve your health now by taking time to "Relax...And Enjoy Life" at our Charleston Wellness Center and Day Spa. An ever-evolving creative environment celebrating traditions, products, and wellness methodologies from afar, coupled with progressive healing modalities and authentic local finds from Charleston’s own backyard.  In the heart of downtown Charleston in the Upper King Street's design district lies this integral retail, spa and wellness experience that invites its guests to discover the magic inside.

Seeking Indigo brings uplifting lifestyle and holistic wellness through the collaboration of like-minded partners promoting consciousness, artful living, and well-being. The 6000 square foot urban oasis located in the heart of downtown Charleston combines a retail store and wellness center to produce an enlightened gathering place where you can explore your dreams, and feel great while you are doing it.

The Seeking Indigo Wellness spa includes a yoga studio, detox center, ancient Ayurvedic healing treatments, relaxing and therapeutic massage therapies and organic facials. The Loft Pilates Center adjoins with a state-of-the-art facility.

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