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Intuitive Guidance

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Tarot is a tool for reflection on one’s personal life. Our Tarot practitioners use decks of cards with pictures and symbols to draw forth information from your subconscious. Franklyn Smyth uses a unique spread of 24 cards and Jackie Morfesis uses 12 cards in an Astrological wheel to ponder your questions and concerns. During either session, you will be able to discuss and go deeper with anything and everything that resonates with you.  It is known to reveal future probabilities based on the influences of your past and present, empowering you to achieve all you desire.

{$30/15 min} {$60/30 min} {$100/60 min} {$150/90 min}

Franklyn Smyth every Saturday 2 - 6pm

Jackie Morfesis available on Thursday, Friday and Sunday by appointment

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