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meditation page picMeditation is a form of concentration, increasing awareness and removing distractions; while many people use it for personal development, others believe meditation can promote healing and rejuvenation.  The ways to meditate are as varied as are individuals.  Try a few different forms of meditation to find the one that fits you and your path.



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Living meditationJoin Spencer in the  Seeking Indigo Sanctuary  and connect with your true nature. In this Charleston Living Meditation Session you will learn to cultivate your own inner peace, or "Sattva", and carry it with you throughout the challenge and chaos of each day. "I am choiceless, effortless, pure awareness."

Join us every Monday at 6:30pm - no reservations needed!

$12 per class / $50 for a 5 class pass

Seeking Indigo delivers a Charleston Meditation experience like no other!  Learn how to take this practice into your daily life every single day!

Can't make it to class....Like us on facebook to get your Monday meditation quote directly from Spencer!

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