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Seeking Daily Practice

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Most of us  are all great about practicing our sports and our hobbies but when do we ever practice life? That is what having a Daily Practice is all about: how to more fully become the person that you want to be.   There are an infinite number of ways to Practice.   A combination of specific daily practices that involves the body, the mind, the spirit, and the shadow. Many of us believe that if we work out our body we will live a longer, happier life, but it is not only our body that needs the exercise. By adding in specific, succinct daily practices that also bolster our mind and spirit, and some that rectify and heal our shadow, we “cross train” our entire being and promote whole being health not just whole body health. Join us at Seeking Indigo to learn more about how you can heal and strengthen the body, quiet and focus your mind, expand and deepen your spirit and identify and reintegrate your shadow.


A few of our favorites ways to Practice at Seeking Indigo:


Living Meditation

Holosynch - (Combined with Migun bed experience)


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