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Cleansing and Detoxification

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Dr Sherri Jacobs smallDr. Sherri, as a Naturopathic Doctor and Nutritionist, brings a unique and customized-to-the-patient approach to a wide area of health conditions. We shift the focus from “illness based” approach to a proactive approach that improves and maintains health for life.


Nutrition based natural medicine looks at the entire person- diet, lifestyle, family history and health goals. Utilizing a detailed health intake, analyzing basic screening labs from a nutritional perspective and ordering nutrient based labs, we customize a plan specifically for you.


Food is powerful medicine. It has the ability to heal and to cause harm. Each day we choose whether we are going to contribute to our health, vitality and longevity by supplying our body with the appropriate foods.


If you want to feel good and prevent illness, a nutrition based approach is your answer. You deserve health and vitality!


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Individual Consultation

Initial Consultation – in-office, phone or Skype: $225

Detailed health history, functional review of basic screening labs, 60 minutes with Dr. Sherri to review findings, discuss goals and develop a detailed plan for YOU- including food/diet, lab and supplement recommendations
Follow-up visits: 30 minute: $75; 60 minute: $150
**Discounted packages and family discounts are available**

21 Day Metabolic Cleanse

Local Group or Online/Anytime: $345
Individually with Dr. Sherri: $475
Our most popular, internationally-recognized program.  Switch your metabolism from “just surviving” to “alive and thriving” in 21 Days with this truly amazing program.  Ask around, it’s the real deal. The 21 Day Metabolic Cleanse unleashes the body’s natural desire to heal and thrive.  To understand how to get the most out of your unique physiology and find your unique sweet spot of health, you need to understand YOU.


Functional Lab Interpretation
Perhaps you've been told that your labs are normal but you're left wondering why you don't feel well?  There has to be more to do.  A functional lab assessment will help you dig deeper into the lab results, pull out the information that's been overlooked, and help you understand what you need to do to get your health back.  
Nutrition-based Lab Interpretation: $75
(Some of my favorites)
IgG Food Panel                           CBC & Chem Reflex
Adrenal Stress Profile                 Metabolic Assessment Profile
Digestive Analysis                      Female Hormone Panels
Detoxification Assessment        Thyroid Panels



Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

Better supplements get better results.  Few companies are able to deliver the level of quality and efficacy that these products deliver.  Products must go through rigorous research and personal clinical experience to get Dr. Sherri Approved.  We have a "Food First" philosophy here at HealthE Coaching but high quality supplements used appropriately create a nice bridge to your health goal.  We have done the research so you don't have to.


HealthE Lifestylers

Monthly Memberships:Coming Soon

HealthE Lifestylers Club is a hub for anyone who wants Smart and simple habits, tools and tips experts use to achieve a HealthE lifestyle.  We provide you with all the tools necessary to be successful long-term, including on-going accountability, constant and consistent HealthE resources and programming, and access to Dr. Sherri, Dr. Stock and the HealthE Coaches.  If you’re ready to make health a lifestyle, then get HealthE.


Grocery Store Tour

Learn about healthy ingredients, specialty foods and preparation during your guided tour through Whole Foods or Earth Fare.
Local events only.  Up to 4 people per session: $275


Metabolic Assessment

BIA scan: $45
Get a quick scan of key markers of your metabolic health.  Assess lifestyle changes for effectiveness with pre and post assessments.  Dr. Sherri will explore the results, how they relate and how they reflect overall metabolic health.
Metabolic Age                 Total Weight                   Visceral Fat Rating
Percent Body Fat Physique Rating             Bone Mass
Muscle Mass Percent Hydration

Speaking Engagements

Dr. Sherri is one of the most dynamic health experts in front of an audience as she delivers the latest in science-based natural medicine as it pertains to wellness, nutrition, and prevention through fun, practical and life-changing programs.  The audience will leave transformed by her passion, depth of knowledge and “start today” tips for HealthE Living.  Dr. Sherri loves to speak to groups of all different sizes from small intimate settings to large corporate events. Please Contact HealthE Coaching for more information.
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Nutrition Based Labs

Confused about which supplements to take? Want to know which supplements are right for you? Nutrition based labs are an excellent way to look for nutrients deficiencies and to assess your overall health.

360 Weight Loss Program

Developed by Dr. Sherri Jacobs, the program uncovers underlying causes of weight gain. We move beyond calorie counting to the real causes of weight gain.

By focusing on a specific ratio of foods, the body is able to burn fat and preserve lean muscle. Specifically prepared for the 360 plan, Whole Foods Market prepares balanced meals for our clients.

Individualized Nutrition Therapy

Food is medicine. Learn which foods are right for you and how to get the most nutrients out of your diet.

Food Sensitivity Diet/ Testing

Food sensitivities are widespread in our modern culture and they contribute to numerous chronic health conditions- headaches, joint pain, depression/anxiety and digestive issues.


Targeted Amino Acid Therapy

Amino acids are the precursors to our hormones and neurotransmitters. Supplementing the diet with the appropriate ratio of amino acids is an effective and safe way to relieve depression, anxiety, control appetite and ease symptoms associated with hormonal irregularities.

21 Day Metabolic Cleanse

By far, our most popular program! During this 21-Day Cleansing Program, we will support ourselves and each other in taking an important step towards better health and longevity. Experience more energy, clear thinking, weight loss, radiant skin and improved mood.

Pharmaceutical Grade Supplements

We offer high quality, third party tested supplements. I have been researching companies for many years. I know which companies support research and utilize high quality ingredients in a sustainable way.

Grocery Store Tour

Learn about healthy ingredients, specialty foods and preparation during your guided tour through Whole Foods or Earth Fare.


Initial Consultation :   $175

Group Detox Cleanse:   $295 (includes 3 weekly group sessions, all materials and supplements and an individual consult with Dr. Sherri

Metabolic Assessment $ 45 (Get your numbers- body fat, muscle mass, bone mass, metabolic age, etc, and learn about ways you can change them!)

360 Weight Loss and Longevity Program 6 week program for $495 (groups sessions available at various times during the year)

Grocery Store Tours: $30 per person (groups of 3-5)

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